Jdi na obsah Jdi na menu

1. Dad's car is much (fast) than mine.

2. I think scuba diving is (fascinating) than climbing.

3. His thirst grew (big) and (big)

4. He found this test (difficult) than the last.

5. They live in a (beautiful) house.

6. She is the (good) tennis player of the world.

7. Susan is a (nice) girl.

8. This suitcase is (heavy) than the others.

9. Hotels in London are (expensive) than in Vienna.

10. Bob is (tall) than Keith but Phil ist the (tall).

11. Doris reads (many) books than Peter but Frank reads (many).

12. France is as (beautiful) as Spain.

13. They live in a (big) house but Fred lives in a (big) one.

14. My sister is three years (young) than me.

15. This was the (bad) film I have ever seen.